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  • HCPA Names Amphi® Biosurfactants Winner of Ingredient Innovation Award

    Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) recognized Locus Performance Ingredients for advancing sustainable cleaning product formulations through its expanded line…

  • Line Expansion of Amphi® High-Performance Biosurfactants Answers Formulator Needs for Multifunctional, Natural Surfactants in Industrial Applications

    Locus Performance Ingredients launches Amphi® CL and Amphi® CH sophorolipids as versatile, 100% biobased surfactant alternatives for use as wetting…

  • EPA Approves Amphi® Biosurfactant for Use in Safer Choice-Certified Products and Direct Release Applications with CleanGredients Listing

    Locus Performance Ingredients (Locus PI) has received U.S. EPA approval for use of its sustainable, high-performance biosurfactant in Safer Choice-certified…

  • Fact in Surfactants Part 3 Classifications Locus Ingredients

    Putting the FACT in SurFACTants: Classifications

    It is already known that these surface-active agents serve a multitude of purposes from homecare, personal care, and even industrial…

  • Locus Performance Ingredients Enters EU Surfactants Market with Sophorolipid REACH Registrations

    Locus Performance Ingredients’ full lines of Ferma® and Amphi® lactonic and linear sophorolipid biosurfactants have REACH registrations from the European…

  • Fact in Surfactant Part 2 Technical Details Locus Ingredients

    Putting the FACT in Surfactants: Technical Details

    Surfactants are found in industrial processes, personal care products and household cleaners from detergents to disinfectants. Whether bio-based or synthetic,…

  • New Clean-Label Formulations from Locus Performance Ingredients Accelerate Commercialization of Sustainable Cleaning Products

    Amidst a global surge in demand for sustainable cleaning products, Locus Performance Ingredients (Locus PI) today announced an expansion to…

  • Innovate, Validate, And Collaborate: An Interview With Locus Performance Ingredients CEO Tim Staub

    Victoria Meyer interviews CEO Tim Staub about the Locus PI and his vision. Tim shares his insights on the need…

  • A Sustainable Alternative to Palm-Based Surfactants Locus Ingredients

    A Sustainable Alternative to Palm-Based Surfactants

    What do pastries, peanut butter, shampoo, cleaning products and biodiesel have in common? Each depends upon one common, highly pervasive…

  • TSCA-Certified Amphi® M Ingredient A VIP Pass to Greener Cleaning Product Locus Ingredients

    TSCA-Certified Amphi® M Ingredient: A VIP Pass to Greener Cleaning Product

    TSCA-Certified Amphi® M Ingredient: A VIP Pass to Greener Cleaning Product. New glycolipid biosurfactant offers a sustainable, clean, and powerful…