Textile and Leather

Amphi® Biosurfactants for Textile and Leather

High-performance, eco-friendly biosurfactants for use in textile and leather applications.

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Elevate your textile and leather formulations with the Amphi® line of biosurfactant ingredients.

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Vegan, non-GMO and USDA certified as 100% biobased

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Readily biodegradable with industry-low aquatic toxicity

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Safe and mild at use level without sacrificing performance

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Non-ionic and anionic uses, can act as primary or secondary surfactants

Textile and Leather Market Applications

Amphi® biosurfactants can be used in textile and leather formulations in:





And More.


How do Amphi® biosurfactants enhance performance in textile and leather formulations?

Amphi® ingredients can be easily formulated for use in a multitude of textile and leather applications. The sophorolipid biosurfactants are able to perform a variety of functions in many nonionic and ionic textile and leather solutions.



Promotes excellent spreading through contact angle reduction and a low CMC for fiber, yarn, fabric, and leather.



Low HLB and high HLB allows for matched-pair blending in spin finishes.



Supports small particle size improving delivery of dyes and auxiliaries.



Strong solvency and detergency properties for removal of process materials.

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The Next Generation Of Biosurfactants For Industrial And CPG Formulations

Amphi® is a line of 100% bio-based, fermentation-produced, TSCA-approved* and REACH registered biosurfactants that utilize the unique properties of sophorolipids – a type of biosurfactant in the glycolipid class. These biosurfactants can be tailored for use in a variety of industrial, home care and personal care applications, by acting as dispersants, emulsifiers, wetting agents and more.

*Amphi® M TSCA-approved, Amphi® CL & CH TSCA pending.

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