Technical Library

Technical Library

Discover how clean ingredients like Amphi® biosurfactants can maximize product functionality while minimizing formulation complexity. Locus Ingredients line of high-performance, sustainable sophorolipid biosurfactants prove good environmental decisions can also be good business decisions.

Amphi® Spec Sheets

Textile and Leather

Agricultural Adjuvants


Industrial and Institutional


MetalWorking Fluids

Print Ink

Pulp and Paper

Water Treatment

Amphi® Formulations

Pressure Wash Cleaner

All Purpose Cleaner

Car Wash

Carpet Shampoo

Glass Cleaner

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Tub and Tile Cleaner

Amphi® Booklet

Amphi® Booklet

Amphi® Safety Data Sheets

Amphi® M SDS

Amphi® CL SDS

Amphi® CH SDS

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