TSCA-Certified Amphi® M Ingredient: A VIP Pass to Greener Cleaning Product

TSCA-Certified Amphi® M Ingredient: A VIP Pass to Greener Cleaning Product
November 24, 2021 Megan Hopkins
TSCA-Certified Amphi® M Ingredient A VIP Pass to Greener Cleaning Product Locus Ingredients

TSCA-Certified Amphi® M Ingredient: A VIP Pass to Greener Cleaning Product

TSCA-Certified Amphi® M Ingredient: A VIP Pass to Greener Cleaning Product

New glycolipid biosurfactant offers a sustainable, clean, and powerful alternative to legacy surfactant ingredients

Global pressure is growing for more sustainable products within the household, industrial and institutional cleaning industry. Federal, state, and local governments are pushing for more thorough ingredient disclosure. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and retailers are asking for greater transparency, with some even excluding products with certain legacy ingredients from their store shelves. Manufacturers are trying to meet these demands but face multiple challenges to succeed in their efforts.

New and innovative products can be slow to market, as regulators scrutinize approval, which delays listing new items to the EPA’s Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) inventory. To achieve success, formulators need availability of green ingredients with regulatory approval that give a VIP pass to clean label product formulation.

Green ingredients are available that are already TSCA certified—such as Amphi®  M from Locus Performance Ingredients (Locus PI). Amphi® M (CAS# 1573124-58-9) is a new glycolipid biosurfactant that is on the TSCA inventory for H I & I and other industrial applications. The novel ingredient acts as a high-performance and multifunctional natural surfactant that formulators can use to replace traditional chemical surfactants for more sustainable products.

Amphi® M gives formulators a VIP pass to effectively answer today’s most pressing product formulation and commercialization challenges:

No Use Restrictions

Amphi® M is a TSCA-certified ingredient. The CAS # (1573124-58-9) is listed on the TSCA inventory, making it available for all cleaning and industrial uses.

No Proposition 65

Locus PI’s Amphi® M is free from any Proposition 65 trace chemicals, such as 1,4-dioxane, formaldehyde, or ethylene oxide. Formulators can utilize the non-toxic ingredient to bolster sustainability, safety, and performance claims.

Clean and Sustainable

Amphi® M is produced using sustainable fermentation technology that yields a near-zero carbon footprint ingredient. Further, this non-GMO, readily biodegradable glycolipid biosurfactant ingredient has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for containing 100% biobased, renewable content. Lastly, Amphi® M is palm oil free — eliminating the accounting for responsible palm oil (RSPO) usage and therefore not contributing to deforestation.

Amphi® M delivers a green ingredient with superior performance that meets formulators’ needs and public’s demand for cleaner, safer and non-toxic products.

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