Maximize Product Performance
and Stability with Innovative Biosurfactants

Introducing Amphi® Biosurfactants for Industrial Applications

Amphi™ S_Coatings_Paints

Give your product formulations the edge they need with the latest top-performing and highly stable biosurfactant ingredients that offer better safety and sustainability. Amphi® biosurfactants are designed to bring maximum results in applications including brake cleaners, metal working fluids, lubricants, washes and more.

GMO free, readily biodegradable, 100% bio based, TSCA approved

Multifunctional Replacements with Ultimate Stability

Amphi® biosurfactant solutions are multifunctional, high-activity sophorolipid ingredients. They have a broad range of benefits allowing them to replace legacy surfactants and other formulation components. By enhancing the solubility of complex additives, Amphi® biosurfactants can reduce or eliminate the need for volatile solvents without compromising stability or flow characteristics of a performance formulation. Amphi® biosurfactants retain efficacy under extreme conditions, including high salt concentrations, most pHs and high temperatures.


Better Sustainability

  • 100% bio-based, GMO-free and nonvolatile
  • Free of all trace chemicals, including palm oil, 1,4-Dioxane free, Ethylene Oxide, Proposition 65 and Formaldehyde

Better Performance

  • Strong wetting performance
  • Aids in dispersion

Eliminate Harmful Legacy Chemicals With Better Solutions Offering Fast Wetting Times And Low Cost-In-Use.

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