The Birth of a New Company

The Birth of a New Company
July 28, 2020 Megan Hopkins

The Birth of a New Company

Welcome to Locus Performance Ingredients, a new operating company of Locus Fermentation Solutions dedicated to developing performance-driven, sustainable ingredients to replace toxic and palm-based chemicals in household, industrial and personal care products.

So what motivated us to build and launch a new commercial company in just 11 months? What makes us tick? What gets us up and charged in the morning? It can be summarized in three words.

A Better Way

For decades, formulation innovators had to make a choice: chemistry OR sustainability, and performance OR sustainability. At Locus Performance Ingredients, or Locus PI, we believe in the power of performance AND sustainability. We believe there’s a better way for a better planet.

We believe in a cleaner, more beautiful and safer future . . . in beauty care . . . in household . . . in paints and coatings . . . in every corner of the world where formulation chemistry improves our lives. A better way without deforestation, with a better carbon footprint, with no residual toxic chemicals and with no skin irritation. At costs and usage rates that formulators can afford to use.

How do we do it? We are leveraging bioinformatics and our proprietary biotechnology platform to rapidly discover, develop and deploy biosurfactants that act as high performance ingredients in personal care, household, C.A.S.E., and industrial markets – products that are multifunctional, easy to formulate, palm-free, EO-free (no 1,4-dioxane), non-toxic, non-irritating, 100% bio-based and 100% biodegradable.

Our first product launch is Ferma™, a line of high-performance and high-purity sophorolipids (INCI name: Glycolipids) customized for Personal Care formulations. Want to join our mission to change the world or simply get better product performance? Contact us for samples and to build your tailored formulation.

Locus PI. Performance-driven, sustainable ingredients that provide a better way.