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  • Locus Performance Ingredients Launches New Biosurfactant-Based Personal Care Formulations to Ease Adoption of Clean Label Trend

    Ready-to-use formulations utilizing novel Ferma S sophorolipids help CPG companies replace commonly used surfactants, boost product performance and maximize sustainability

  • What Are The Top Clean Beauty Ingredients Biosurfactants Locus Ingredients

    What Are The Top Clean Beauty Ingredients? Biosurfactants.

    New fermentation technology is advancing the use of sophorolipid biosurfactants as top clean beauty ingredients in sustainable cosmetic and personal…

  • ICIS Names Locus Performance Ingredients Top Newcomer in the World Surfactants Awards for Biosurfactant Innovations

    Company is praised for proprietary fermentation technology that produces high-purity, zero-carbon sophorolipids with maximized performance and sustainability

  • USDA Certifies 100% Biobased Content in Locus Performance Ingredients Biosurfactants

    Formulators can use Ferma™ S or Amphi™ M renewable sophorolipids as sustainable, high-performance alternatives to chemical surfactants in CPG formulations

  • Going Sulfate Free The safer, milder alternative Locus Ingredients

    Going Sulfate Free: Why Formulators are Choosing Sophorolipids as the Safer, Milder Alternative

    Sulfates. It’s a term you probably hear often. Sulfates are surfactant ingredients commonly found in personal care formulations with great foaming and cleansing abilities.…

  • Leading the “Bio-Chem Renaissance”: Top CPG Companies Drive Demand for Green Biosurfactant Ingredients

    Supplier Locus Performance Ingredients doubles production capacity to meet growing interest for cleaner product formulations

  • The Dark Side of 1,4-Dioxane Why Safer Alternatives are a Must Locus Ingredients

    The Dark Side of 1,4-Dioxane: Why Safer Alternatives are a Must

    Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about which ingredients to avoid in cosmetics and personal care formulations.  But there’s a hidden catch…toxic chemicals can exist in a product formulation…

  • Surface Tensio Critical Micelle Concentration Locus Ingredients

    Surface Tension…Critical Micelle Concentration…

    Personal care formulators use surfactants, and now biosurfactants, as emulsifiers, solubilizers, cleansers, wetters and foamers, but how exactly do they…

  • Hit the “Niche of Success” in Personal Care Formulation Locus Ingredients

    Hit the “Niche of Success” in Personal Care Formulation

    What is most interesting is how the forces in each of the 3 spheres of influence have gotten stronger over the past ten years. Further, over time the “niche of…

  • Fact in Surfactants Part 1 Overview Locus Ingredients

    Putting the FACT in Surfactants: Surfactant Overview

    Biosurfactants have been recognized as the best alternative to surfactants due to their superior performance, versatility and lower usage rates.…