What Are The Top Clean Beauty Ingredients? Biosurfactants.

What Are The Top Clean Beauty Ingredients? Biosurfactants.
June 16, 2021 Megan Hopkins
What Are The Top Clean Beauty Ingredients Biosurfactants Locus Ingredients

What Are The Top Clean Beauty Ingredients? Biosurfactants.

New fermentation technology is advancing the use of sophorolipids in sustainable cosmetic and personal care formulations

Beauty is more than skin deep. New fermentation technology is taking product formulations to an entirely new level through the emergence of green ingredients that excel in performance and sustainability. So, what are the top clean beauty ingredients? High-purity sophorolipid biosurfactants (INCI name: glycolipids). Sophorolipids are a natural alternative to surfactants with better efficacy and lower in-use cost.

Experts have specifically chosen Ferma® S sophorolipid biosurfactants, which were developed by Locus Performance Ingredients, as top clean beauty ingredients to replace surfactants. The USDA certified the ingredients as 100% biobased, and the industry has applauded their ability to solve ESG, regulatory and performance challenges in personal care and cosmetic product formulations. Now, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is featuring them as part of the Green Materials session.

Why? Locus PI’s sophorolipid biosurfactants have an unmatched ability to:

  • Replace surfactants and competitive biosurfactants in clean beauty formulations at a fraction of the usage rate and cost, with superior multifunctional performance
  • Eliminate the need for palm-based ingredients, Prop 65 warnings and toxic trace materials in cosmetic and personal care products
  • Exceed sustainability goals through the use of top clean beauty ingredients that are carbon-neutral manufacturing and readily biodegradable

It all starts with Locus PI’s carbon-neutral fermentation technology used to create the high-performance sophorolipid biosurfactants. ICIS named the startup newcomer of the year for the innovative approach, which only utilizes renewable raw materials and resources. The technique begins with a proprietary bioinformatics process used to identify the microbial strains with the best multifunctionality. Modular fermentation is then used to transform them into sophorolipid biosurfactant ingredients with unmatched purity and scalability. The result is top clean beauty ingredients that are carbon-neutral, easy to formulate with and deliver step-change performance when compared to traditional anionic and nonionic surfactants.

Interested in learning more about this clean beauty ingredient trend? Locus Performance Ingredients experts spoke on the topic during the Green Materials session of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. Dr. Lee Speight discussed developments in sophorolipid biosurfactants, and how fermentation technology has helped advance the development of these biobased ingredients. Contact us for a copy of the presentation.

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Ready to create simpler and more cost-effective clean beauty formulations? We’ve developed ready-to-use formulations utilizing novel Ferma S sophorolipids. These formulations give CPG companies a new powerful tool to replace commonly used surfactants, boost product performance and maximize sustainability. Check out our current Ferma S formulation examples.


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