Hit the “Niche of Success” in Personal Care Formulation

Hit the “Niche of Success” in Personal Care Formulation
August 26, 2020 Megan Hopkins
Hit the “Niche of Success” in Personal Care Formulation Locus Ingredients

Hit the “Niche of Success” in Personal Care Formulation

with Ferma S series of Sophorolipids (INCI: Gycolipids) 

The “niche of success” is a concept Locus PI’s sales leader, Greg Smithlearned from Kevin Gallagher, a seasoned consultant in the CPG product formulation space.  What is most interesting is how the forces in each of the spheres of influence have gotten stronger over the past ten years. Further, over time the “niche of success” is getting harder to hit.  However, just like hitting the bullseye awards the dart thrower more points, hitting the “niche of success” rewards the ingredient supplier, formulator, personal care brand and consumer.  

So how can a company hit the niche of success despite growing difficulty? The answer lies in the use of innovative ingredients that can address all three spheres. Once such example is  Ferma Sa line of Sophorolipids designed to maximize performance and sustainability in personal care formulationsThese nature-derived ingredients are comprised of pure Glycolipid-class ingredients, and are customized to provide a safer replacement to chemical surfactants with even better resultswhile meeting all governmental and consumer needs.  

Governmental Challenges 
Ferma S eliminates 1,4-dioxane and other proposition 65 trace materials.  These biosurfactants are readily biodegradable and have low aquatic toxicity.  

Consumer Demands
Ferma™ further meets consumer demands for sustainability and safety by being GMO-free, 100% bio-based, not derived from Palm Oil, and can reduce carbon footprint.  

Performance Enhancement
Most importantly, the Ferma™ series delivers step-change performance when compared to traditional anionic and nonionic surfactants. Ferma ingredients perform 5–25X better than legacy petrochemical ingredients. It is multi-functional, mild and the foam profile is tunable. Finally, the full HLB scale can be dialed in with matched pair blending of Ferma™ SL Pure & Ferma™ SH Pure grades. 

It’s time to put your products in the niche of success. Learn more about how the multifunctionality of sophorolipids can help here