Putting the FACT in Surfactants: Surfactant Overview

Putting the FACT in Surfactants: Surfactant Overview
August 12, 2020 Megan Hopkins
Fact in Surfactants Part 1 Overview Locus Ingredients

Putting the FACT in Surfactants: Surfactant Overview

Surfactants, the key ingredients of countless consumer packaged goods (CPG) and industrial products, play an indispensable role in our daily lives. However, the conventional petrochemical-based surfactants, while prevalent, come with a myriad of challenges. From problematic supply chains involving ingredients like palm oil to concerns over toxic by-products and skin irritations, the drawbacks are glaring. This article delves into the evolution of surfactants, the rise of demand for sulfate-free and natural alternatives and the groundbreaking innovations that are reshaping the industry landscape.

This article is the first in the “Putting the FACT in SurFACTants” series, which will include:

  1. Surfactant Overview
  2. Technical Details
  3. Classifications
  4. Applications

The Imperative for Change

The conventional narrative surrounding surfactants is undergoing a paradigm shift. Environmental and health considerations are driving a seismic shift towards sulfate-free alternatives and natural surfactants. Consumers are increasingly discerning, demanding products that are not only effective but also sustainable and safe. While a few options exist, such as alkyl polyglucosides (APGs), most are made through carbon-intensive or synthetic chemical processes with higher costs—creating their own list of problems. Enter biosurfactants – high-performance, sustainable alternatives.

Introducing Biosurfactants

Among the plethora of alternatives, biosurfactants stand out as the epitome of innovation. Renowned for their superior performance, versatility and eco-friendliness, biosurfactants have emerged as the frontrunners in the quest for sustainable surfactant solutions. However, until recently, commercial viability remained a distant possibility due to cost and scalability constraints.

Revolutionary Breakthrough

The dawn of a new era in surfactant production has arrived, courtesy of Locus Ingredients. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Locus Ingredients has unlocked the potential of biosurfactants, making them not only commercially viable but also customizable to meet the diverse needs of CPG and industrial formulations. Their flagship product, sophorolipids, has become synonymous with performance-driven sustainability.

The Sophorolipid Advantage

Locus Ingredients’ line of sophorolipids boasts unparalleled efficiency, with remarkably low usage rates. These biosurfactants are poised to revolutionize various sectors, from personal and home care to industrial applications. By replacing or reducing reliance on traditional surfactants, including palm oil-based and petrochemical variants, they offer a cleaner, greener alternative without compromising on efficacy.

Performance Without Compromise

What sets sophorolipids apart is their ability to deliver superior performance while adhering to the highest sustainability standards. USDA certified as 100% biobased and readily biodegradable, Locus Ingredients’ sophorolipids pave the way for clean-label formulations that resonate with eco-conscious consumers. From makeup removers to degreasers, the versatility of sophorolipids knows no bounds.

Tailored Solutions for Tomorrow

Locus Ingredients’ commitment to innovation extends beyond off-the-shelf solutions. Their sophorolipid variants cater to a spectrum of applications, each meticulously crafted to achieve the optimal hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB). Formulators now have the flexibility to unleash their creativity, blending these biosurfactants to create bespoke solutions tailored to their unique formulations.


In a world grappling with sustainability challenges, surfactants are no longer just chemicals; they are agents of change. With biosurfactants leading the charge, the industry is poised for a revolution. Locus Ingredients, at the forefront of this transformation, offers a glimpse into a future where performance and sustainability converge seamlessly. Embrace the surfactant revolution – because the future is now.

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Surfactants are found in industrial processespersonal care products and household cleaners from detergents to disinfectants. Whether bio-based or synthetic, surfactants are multifunctional. They can serve purposes ranging from getting those stubborn stains up, to washing hair or cleaning countertops. But what are surfactants and what is their purpose within product formulations?

What Is A Surfactant?

The key to understanding surfactants is to look at their primary function, which forms the basis for their name. The word “surfactant” is an abbreviation of its role in chemistry as a surface active agent. [Read the full article here]

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