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  • Locus Ingredients Emulsifying Agents Blog Post bio-based emulsifier oil and water image

    Clash of the Colloids: Emulsifiers vs. Dispersants Explained

    Bio-based emulsifiers, like sophorolipid biosurfactants, are renowned for their eco-friendly nature and versatile applications.

  • Ethoxylated Ingredients Blog Post Locus Ingredients

    Could Your Detergent Be Harmful? Exploring the Dangers of Ethoxylated Ingredients

    Understanding the presence of ethoxylated ingredients is not just about informed purchasing—it’s about safeguarding personal health.

  • Locus Ingredients Biobased Products Blog Post USDA BioPreferred

    Biobased Products and the USDA BioPreferred Program

    Biobased products contain ingredients derived from renewable biological sources such as plants and microorganisms.

  • Locus Ingredients biosurfactants blog post

    Biosurfactants: The Superheroes of Sustainable Chemistry

    Think of biosurfactants as tiny molecular superheroes, breaking down barriers between substances that normally wouldn’t mingle.

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    Maximizing Lab Efficiency: How to Create Better Formulations in Less Time

    The ability to test and optimize formulas effectively within limited time frames is crucial for creating high-quality products that meet…

  • 5 Facts About Surfactants

    5 Facts About Surfactants

    From personal care products to industrial applications, surfactants provide unique properties that facilitate processes such as cleaning, foaming, emulsifying, and…

  • PFAS Forever Chemicals: From Perpetuity to Prevention, Seeking a Safer Future

    Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have gained significant attention in recent years due to their widespread presence, persistence in the…

  • Human Surfactant Use Throughout History: Unveiling The Origins social

    Human Surfactant Use Throughout History: Unveiling the Origins

    Surfactants are the remarkable molecules that alter the properties of liquids. Human surfactant use has a long history that stretches…

  • 3 Categories Of Biodegradability: Sorting Sustainability From Persistence

    3 Categories of Biodegradability: Sorting Sustainability from Persistence

    Biodegradability refers to the ability of a substance or material to be broken down and decomposed by natural processes, such…

  • Biosurfactants at the Beach: A Family Adventure

    Join us as we share our seaside adventure, where we discovered the wonders of biosurfactants amidst the crashing waves and…