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  • Locus Ingredients Emulsifying Agents Blog Post bio-based emulsifier oil and water image

    Clash of the Colloids: Emulsifiers vs. Dispersants Explained

    Bio-based emulsifiers, like sophorolipid biosurfactants, are renowned for their eco-friendly nature and versatile applications.

  • Ethoxylated Ingredients Blog Post Locus Ingredients

    Could Your Detergent Be Harmful? Exploring the Dangers of Ethoxylated Ingredients

    Understanding the presence of ethoxylated ingredients is not just about informed purchasing—it’s about safeguarding personal health.

  • Locus Ingredients Biobased Products Blog Post USDA BioPreferred

    Biobased Products and the USDA BioPreferred Program

    Biobased products contain ingredients derived from renewable biological sources such as plants and microorganisms.

  • Locus Ingredients biosurfactants blog post

    Biosurfactants: The Superheroes of Sustainable Chemistry

    Think of biosurfactants as tiny molecular superheroes, breaking down barriers between substances that normally wouldn’t mingle.

  • Dispersing Agents: The Role of Sophorolipid Biosurfactants in Greening Particle Dispersion

    Dispersing Agents: The Role of Sophorolipid Biosurfactants in Greening Particle Dispersion

    The primary goal of dispersants is to prevent agglomeration or clumping of particles, enabling them to remain stably dispersed throughout…

  • Coalescing Agents Transformed: Unleashing the Potential of Sophorolipid Biosurfactants

    Coalescing Agents Transformed: Unleashing the Potential of Sophorolipid Biosurfactants

    Coalescing agents, crucial in applications like paint formulation, play a pivotal role in enhancing film formation and coating properties.

  • Dispersing Agents: The Role Of Sophorolipid Biosurfactants In Greening Particle Dispersion

    Examining the Versatility of Eco-Friendly Sophorolipids

    Unlike synthetic surfactants derived from petrochemicals, biosurfactants are of biological origin and offer several advantages, including environmental sustainability, biodegradability and…

  • 12-Harmful-Hair-Care-Ingredients-to-Avoid-Cover-Image

    Formulating Clean Hair Care Products Using Biosurfactants

    In the quest for luscious locks, consumers are becoming increasingly discerning about the products they use on their hair. Amid…

  • Harnessing the Power of Microbes with Biosurfactants

    Microorganisms are the unsung heroes of the natural world, performing a wide range of functions that impact everything from environmental…

  • Locus Ingredients Names New Senior Vice President to Spearhead Global Biosurfactant Business Expansion

    Locus Ingredients announced the appointment of David Anderson as senior vice president to drive global expansion for the industrial biosurfactant…

  • Small Scientists, Big Dreams: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Biochemistry Leaders

    Small Scientists, Big Dreams: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Biochemistry Leaders

    From unraveling the mysteries of life at a molecular level to contributing to groundbreaking discoveries and advancements, a career as…

  • ICIS Shortlists Locus Ingredients’ Amphi Sophorolipids for Innovation Awards

    Independent Commodity Intelligence Service (ICIS) has announced the shortlist for its 20th Annual Innovation Awards, naming Locus Ingredients as a…

  • Lab-Efficiency-Blog-Images-1

    Maximizing Lab Efficiency: How to Create Better Formulations in Less Time

    The ability to test and optimize formulas effectively within limited time frames is crucial for creating high-quality products that meet…

  • 5 Facts About Surfactants

    5 Facts About Surfactants

    From personal care products to industrial applications, surfactants provide unique properties that facilitate processes such as cleaning, foaming, emulsifying, and…

  • PFAS Forever Chemicals: From Perpetuity to Prevention, Seeking a Safer Future

    Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have gained significant attention in recent years due to their widespread presence, persistence in the…

  • Human Surfactant Use Throughout History: Unveiling The Origins social

    Human Surfactant Use Throughout History: Unveiling the Origins

    Surfactants are the remarkable molecules that alter the properties of liquids. Human surfactant use has a long history that stretches…

  • 3 Categories Of Biodegradability: Sorting Sustainability From Persistence

    3 Categories of Biodegradability: Sorting Sustainability from Persistence

    Biodegradability refers to the ability of a substance or material to be broken down and decomposed by natural processes, such…

  • Biosurfactants at the Beach: A Family Adventure

    Join us as we share our seaside adventure, where we discovered the wonders of biosurfactants amidst the crashing waves and…

  • EPA Safer Choice Certified with Direct Release: What Product Formulators Should Know

    Every day, a wide range of products are used that flow into our waterways, including cleaners, industrial chemicals and wastewater…

  • Understanding CleanGredients and the EPA’s Safer Choice Label Certification

    The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safer Choice program is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to make safer…

  • Locus Performance Ingredients and Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions Announce Exclusive Collaboration to Develop New Sustainable Water and Process Treatment Additives

    Locus Performance Ingredients and Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions will collaborate on biobased water and process treatment additives that advance…

  • Fact in Surfactants Part 4 Applications Locus Ingredients

    Putting the Fact in SurFACTants: Applications

    Surfactants are unique molecules that are found in everyday life, from what we eat to how we clean. But not…

  • Which Natural Surfactants are Superior: Biosurfactants or Bio-based Surfactants?

    Which Natural Surfactants are Superior: Biosurfactants or Bio-based Surfactants?

    Discover the sustainability and performance differences that make microbial biosurfactants the premium choice for industrial and CPG surfactant applications.

  • HCPA Names Amphi® Biosurfactants Winner of Ingredient Innovation Award

    Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) recognized Locus Performance Ingredients for advancing sustainable cleaning product formulations through its expanded line…

  • Line Expansion of Amphi® High-Performance Biosurfactants Answers Formulator Needs for Multifunctional, Natural Surfactants in Industrial Applications

    Locus Performance Ingredients launches Amphi® CL and Amphi® CH sophorolipids as versatile, 100% biobased surfactant alternatives for use as wetting…

  • EPA Approves Amphi® Biosurfactant for Use in Safer Choice-Certified Products and Direct Release Applications with CleanGredients Listing

    Locus Performance Ingredients (Locus PI) has received U.S. EPA approval for use of its sustainable, high-performance biosurfactant in Safer Choice-certified…

  • Fact in Surfactants Part 3 Classifications Locus Ingredients

    Putting the FACT in SurFACTants: Classifications

    It is already known that these surface-active agents serve a multitude of purposes from homecare, personal care, and even industrial…

  • Locus Performance Ingredients Enters EU Surfactants Market with Sophorolipid REACH Registrations

    Locus Performance Ingredients’ full lines of Ferma® and Amphi® lactonic and linear sophorolipid biosurfactants have REACH registrations from the European…

  • Fact in Surfactant Part 2 Technical Details Locus Ingredients

    Putting the FACT in Surfactants: Technical Details

    Surfactants are found in industrial processes, personal care products and household cleaners from detergents to disinfectants. Whether bio-based or synthetic,…

  • New Clean-Label Formulations from Locus Performance Ingredients Accelerate Commercialization of Sustainable Cleaning Products

    Amidst a global surge in demand for sustainable cleaning products, Locus Performance Ingredients (Locus PI) today announced an expansion to…

  • ICIS Shortlists Amphi® M Biosurfactant Ingredient as Innovation Finalist for the Surfactants Awards

    100% biobased sophorolipid from Locus Performance Ingredients recognized for advancing formulation performance and sustainability in household and industrial applications 

  • Innovate, Validate, And Collaborate: An Interview With Locus Performance Ingredients CEO Tim Staub

    Victoria Meyer interviews CEO Tim Staub about the Locus PI and his vision. Tim shares his insights on the need…

  • A Sustainable Alternative to Palm-Based Surfactants Locus Ingredients

    A Sustainable Alternative to Palm-Based Surfactants

    What do pastries, peanut butter, shampoo, cleaning products and biodiesel have in common? Each depends upon one common, highly pervasive…

  • Dow Signs Exclusive Agreement with Locus Performance Ingredients to Expand Biosurfactant Offerings in the Global Home Care and Personal Care Markets

    Dow (NYSE: Dow) today announced an exclusive engagement with Locus Performance Ingredients (Locus PI) to sell its line of high-performance…

  • Doubling Down: HCPA Panel Selects Locus Performance Ingredients for Two Innovation Awards at XPAND2021

    Judges at the Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA) selected winners for its third annual Innovation awards at XPAND2021, with…

  • TSCA-Certified Amphi® M Ingredient A VIP Pass to Greener Cleaning Product Locus Ingredients

    TSCA-Certified Amphi® M Ingredient: A VIP Pass to Greener Cleaning Product

    TSCA-Certified Amphi® M Ingredient: A VIP Pass to Greener Cleaning Product. New glycolipid biosurfactant offers a sustainable, clean, and powerful…

  • Clean-Label Micellar Water Formulation Banishes Trace Chemicals and Outperforms Leading Brand

    Locus Performance Ingredients and Genomatica introduce sustainable, natural cleanser featuring Ferma S sophorolipids and Brontide natural butylene glycol.

  • Locus Performance Ingredients Forms Industry-Leading Advisory Board to Accelerate Global Use of Biosurfactant Innovations

    The panel of top CPG and entrepreneurial executives will drive adoption of sustainable biosurfactant ingredients in product formulations

  • Locus Performance Ingredients Launches New Biosurfactant-Based Personal Care Formulations to Ease Adoption of Clean Label Trend

    Ready-to-use formulations utilizing novel Ferma S sophorolipids help CPG companies replace commonly used surfactants, boost product performance and maximize sustainability

  • What Are The Top Clean Beauty Ingredients Biosurfactants Locus Ingredients

    What Are The Top Clean Beauty Ingredients? Biosurfactants.

    New fermentation technology is advancing the use of sophorolipid biosurfactants as top clean beauty ingredients in sustainable cosmetic and personal…

  • Locus Performance Ingredients Launches Amphi® M: The Next Generation of Biosurfactants for Household and Industrial Formulations

    TSCA-approved sophorolipid is customized to offer safe, green replacements to legacy surfactants with unmatched efficacy

  • ICIS Names Locus Performance Ingredients Top Newcomer in the World Surfactants Awards for Biosurfactant Innovations

    Company is praised for proprietary fermentation technology that produces high-purity, zero-carbon sophorolipids with maximized performance and sustainability

  • 3 Reasons Why HI&I Formulators Are Switching to Biosurfactants

    While consistent washing and sanitizing is good for personal and public health, it has raised an array of concerns about…

  • USDA Certifies 100% Biobased Content in Locus Performance Ingredients Biosurfactants

    Formulators can use Ferma™ S or Amphi™ M renewable sophorolipids as sustainable, high-performance alternatives to chemical surfactants in CPG formulations

  • Going Sulfate Free The safer, milder alternative Locus Ingredients

    Going Sulfate Free: Why Formulators are Choosing Sophorolipids as the Safer, Milder Alternative

    Sulfates. It’s a term you probably hear often. Sulfates are surfactant ingredients commonly found in personal care formulations with great foaming and cleansing abilities.…

  • Leading the “Bio-Chem Renaissance”: Top CPG Companies Drive Demand for Green Biosurfactant Ingredients

    Supplier Locus Performance Ingredients doubles production capacity to meet growing interest for cleaner product formulations

  • The Dark Side of 1,4-Dioxane Why Safer Alternatives are a Must Locus Ingredients

    The Dark Side of 1,4-Dioxane: Why Safer Alternatives are a Must

    Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about which ingredients to avoid in cosmetics and personal care formulations.  But there’s a hidden catch…toxic chemicals can exist in a product formulation…

  • Why ICIS Highlighted Biosurfactant Technology from Locus FS in the World Surfactants Awards

    A technology breakthrough is making it possible to cost-effectively reduce worldwide chemical surfactant reliance for the first time. Production methods…

  • Surface Tensio Critical Micelle Concentration Locus Ingredients

    Surface Tension…Critical Micelle Concentration…

    Personal care formulators use surfactants, and now biosurfactants, as emulsifiers, solubilizers, cleansers, wetters and foamers, but how exactly do they…

  • Hit the “Niche of Success” in Personal Care Formulation Locus Ingredients

    Hit the “Niche of Success” in Personal Care Formulation

    What is most interesting is how the forces in each of the 3 spheres of influence have gotten stronger over the past ten years. Further, over time the “niche of…

  • Fact in Surfactants Part 1 Overview Locus Ingredients

    Putting the FACT in Surfactants: Surfactant Overview

    Biosurfactants have been recognized as the best alternative to surfactants due to their superior performance, versatility and lower usage rates.…

  • Locus Performance Ingredients™ Launches Ferma™ Line of Sophorolipids (INCI: Glycolipids) to Replace Chemical Surfactants in Personal Care Formulations

    Locus Performance Ingredients™ is launching its first product line to replace petrochemical surfactants in personal care formulations. Branded as Ferma™, the pure Sophorolipid series of biosurfactants provide safer and more sustainable ingredient…

  • The Birth of a New Company

    Welcome to Locus Performance Ingredients, a new operating company of Locus FS dedicated to developing performance-driven, sustainable ingredients to replace…

  • Locus FS Replaces Chemicals and Improves Sustainability in CPG Market With Launch of Performance Ingredients Company

    Locus Fermentation Solutions is expanding its award-winning green technology into the Consumer Packaged Goods market with the launch of a new operating company, Locus Performance Ingredients that will replace toxic and…